Hunter Valley Hot Air Ballooning

There’s something magical about floating gently above Australia’s most famous vineyards. From the basket of a hot air balloon, the Hunter Valley rolls out like a patchwork quilt dotted with lakes, mountains and winding roads. Get up in the air for a bird’s eye view of this remarkable region.

Hot air balloons

A number of companies operate in the Hunter Valley, including Balloon AloftBalloon SafarisBeyond Ballooning and Wine Country Ballooning. Flights depart at sunrise (to take advantage of the cool, calm conditions) and soar over spectacular scenery, followed by a champagne breakfast at a winery.

If you’re travelling over the October long weekend, join in the annual Hunter Valley Balloon Fiesta. A fleet of up to 30 brightly coloured balloons take off at sunrise and drift over the vineyards together. Visitors can book a spot on one of the balloons or enjoy the spectacle from the ground.

Scenic flights

For a thrill you will remember forever, take a seat in an authentic military war bird and let an experienced RAAF or Ace Aerobatic pilot from Aerohunter fly you to the skies. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, Skydive Hunter Valley can guide you over spectacular views from underneath a silk canopy.

Helicopter tours

For the ultimate Hunter Valley experience, hop between vineyards on a heli wine tour with Aerologistics Helicopters. You’ll be picked up close to your accommodation and can set down right beside the vines at many of the top wineries. Or plan the ultimate progressive lunch, flying between restaurants for each course.